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Bardenas with jigsaw puzzle

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Bardeonas and a free computer jigsaw puzzle
Play a jigsaw puzzle with this image. This one is especially fun: You will see the image in Black & White and as you go solving the puzzle it will recover the color. Start with the edges, next the bottom zone and the sky will give you some work. Look the shape of the pieces. Instructions:
1- In order to do the puzzle you need to have installed the trial version of the BrainsBreaker jigsaw puzzle program. If you don't have it installed Download it here - free, for Windows and Mac.
2- To play the jigsaw puzzle click this text and choose Open or Open with BrainsBreaker (exact wording may vary depending on browser).

BrainsBreaker is a fun, comfortable and safe jigsaw puzzle program for Windows and Mac computers. With many features, it provides a very realistic experience supporting a large number of pieces.


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Black & White

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Apparently the interpretation of visual information based on contrast -not color- is done by a primitive region in the brain. Color is processed by a more evolved zone. This could explains the different sensations looking Black & White photos, as if another character, non quotidian, were observing... (?)
IMGD4542_s IMG75062_s2 IMGD4583_s2 IMGA6901_s IMGD9038_s2 IMG94680_s IMG80119_s

Blue stones and jigsaw puzzle

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Autum Reflection

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Autum Reflection

Old dreams

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old dreams


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Sunset jigsaw

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Sunset jigsaw

5 Drops

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Play a jigsaw puzzle with this photo

First you need to have BrainsBreaker software installed. Download it here if you don't have it istalled (Free and without compromise nor personal information required.) Requires Windows or Mac desktop or laptop computer.
Once the program is installed just click the image above and choose Open with BrainsBreaker if prompted

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