Night in Girona with a reflection

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IMG47084_s.jpg This and the recent photos mostly about flowers all were taken in Girona, a beautiful middle sized city (relative to sizes of cities in Spain :-). Each year around the second week of May, there's "Girona temps de flors" (Girona flowers time), a festival lasting a week that shows the old buildings of the city decorated exuberantly and creatively with flowers, a mix of ephemeral and permanent with streams of people. A delight of a visit and many great photographic opportunities.

Sprout from red

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Hindering flowers

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Colorful laundry

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Stone ball and strips

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Night came in Girona

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carnations in the funnel

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Likid twister

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Cans and blooms

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Cans and blooms


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Orchids in a cloister

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Bridge over calm waters (and windows :-)

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