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Sunset and the Sea

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Play a jigsaw puzzle with this image (Windows or Mac computers)
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BrainsBreaker is a multifeatured jigsaw puzzle program for Mac and Windows computers. One of its many features is the ability to create puzzles like this one and share with your friends.

Chasing rainbow

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Monteserrat by night

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Nuvol About 48 minutes actually. 286 photos.


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Stars watcher

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Stars watcher

This is a single shot, the exposure lasted near 30 minutes. The trails of the stars are due to the rotation of the Earth during the time the image was being exposed. The top left side is near the North pole, notice that the circles by the stars are around that point (outside the image).

Diffused flyer

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Diffused flyer

Awakening Moon

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Awakening Moon
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